Group Housing PROJECT

Group Housing and ‘group housing scheme’ means a group of separate and/or linked dwelling units which may be subdivided but are planned, designed and built as a harmonious architectural entity and integrated with open space in an ordered way; ‘group housing site’ means one or more land units on which a group housing scheme may be erected; ‘guest house’ means a dwelling house or second dwelling which is used for the purpose of supplying lodging and meals to transient guests for compensation, in an establishment which exceeds the restrictions of a bed and breakfast establishment, and may include business meetings or training sessions by and for guests on the property; ‘habitable space’ means space used, designed, adapted or intended to be used by persons for sleeping in, living in, preparation or consumption of food or drink, transaction of business, rendering of any services, manufacturing, processing or sale of goods, performance of work, gathering together of persons or for recreational purposes; ‘halfway house’ means a facility that provides temporary accommodation for residents who have completed a formal treatment programme for substance abuse, but excludes inpatient treatment or similar facilities; ‘harvesting of natural resources’ means the gathering of flora and/or fauna within a conservation-worthy area for sale or use by a person or agency other than a recognised environmental agency; provided that such harvesting.