Ar. B.K. Verma-Principal Architect (B.Arch., M.U.R.P., L.A.A. R.C.A., & Former Asst. Prof.)

A professional architectural design and construction company called "Ramashraya Design & Construction" is updated version of Ramashraya Architect which has been serving its clients more than 7 years. R.D.C. aims to provide its clients with a design that can minimize construction costs.
We are working across the state with the purpose of gaining the trust of all categories of clients We constantly work to deliver tasteful, exacting, and creative design answers that address each site's operational, financial, and programme requirements for the customer. All of their initiatives are designed and managed with the guiding principles of clarity, effectiveness, and elegance.
We are a professional design and Contraction Organization with enough help to get the job done and the self-assurance to try something different. To its honor, the organisation has effectively completed a number of notable projects. The production of comprehensive architectural and interior design concepts is required for the work, which is explained with the aid of numerous drawings.
The firm offers all design work and quality construction in various forms like Turnkey Projects, With Material Projects, With Material Interior Projects, Excluding Material Construction and Construction with civil work.