Planning a Urban Design in Architecture:

Urban designis the process of designing and shaping the physical featuresofcities, towns, andvillagesand planning for the provision of municipalservices to residents and visitors. Although it deals with issues of a largerscale thanarchitecture, it cannot be understood as a wholly separated fieldof research and design, since the quality of one depends on the quality ofthe other. In fact, it is this very interdependency, which has been termed‘’relational design’’[1]by Barcelona-based architect Enric Massip-Bosch,which makes urban design and architecture inextricably linked in manyuniversity education programs, especially in Europe. This tendency towardsreintegration in architectural studies is also taking momentum in the USA. Urban design deals with the larger scale of groups of buildings,infrastructure, streets andpublic spaces, wholeneighbourhoodsanddistricts, and entire cities, with the goal of making urban environments thatare equitable, beautiful, performative, andsustainable.

How it Work